Samurai Jack Live-Action Movie Still a No-Go

The big screen, live-action adaptation of Samurai Jack has been tossed around for some time now.  The cartoon, which ran four seasons and gathered a decent-sized following, has been gone from television for eight years, but still no movie.  Fans have been eagerly awaiting news on whether the thing is even going to get made.

Finally, creator of the show, Genndy Tartakovsky had some words on the subject, though fans should prepare to be disappointed.  In a recent interview with Collider, he had this to say:

It’s still around. Every year, somebody new picks it up who tries to push it through. I feel like, with Jack, it’s a funny curse. People like it for A, B and C, but as soon as they want to make it, they say, “Well, we can’t do A, B and C.” But, those are the key ingredients that make it successful. Once somebody comes along and just says, “I want to make it for what it is,” then it will get made. But right now, every time we try to run it up the flagpole, it never sticks.

The complications of adapting a cartoon to movie format appear to be too much for prospective writers.  Unfortunately for them, Samurai Jack can’t fall back on the “hire a hot chick with nice tits and make shit exploded” technique that got movies like Transformers through the process.  Better they wait (or just avoid making it altogether) than turning out some crap because of the brand name.

Perhaps one of these days, it will be.  But not today, my friends, not today.


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