Another day, another Doctor Who set report. Currently the show is filming the second half of the seventh season, where we meet the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Episode nine is where these set pics come from (courtesy of Ryan Farrel via SFX, Den of Geek, Doctor Who TV), an episode rumored to called, “The Crimson Horror,” written by Mark Gatiss.

What follows contains spoilers, proceed with caution.

Joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise are Dame Diana Rigg, Brendan Patricks, and Catrin Stewart. Stewart previously played Jenny, Madame Vastra’s lover, in “A Good Man Goes to War,” which seems to lend some credence to an earlier rumor. Assuming, of course, she’s reprising the same character.

We can see from the photos that the episode looks to be set in a 19th-century village and it’s where Rigg’s character, Mrs Gillyflower, also known as the “ice lady” is involved in some nefarious activity. Apparently it’s something to do with people taken to her factory where they undergo some kind of “process.” Sounds a little Cyberman-ish to me.

Doctor Who TV is also reporting this line comes from the episode, “There is something very odd about that factory—nobody who goes in seems to come back out. And there’s never any smoke.”

Hmm, maybe it’s not Cybermen but clearly something unusual is happening at that factory, and the Doctor and his companions will be in the thick of it. Check out the photos and let us know what you think. For instance, is that a new outfit for the Doctor he’s seen sportin’?

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