This week on the Peabody Award Snubbed BASTARDCAST, Jason and Jeremy bring the fireworks for this very special Independence Day edition of the show when they talk about alien abortions, Marvel’s soft shakeup, the Higgs boson particle, and Spider-Man in HEADLINES.

Then, in the MAIN ARENA these paunchy pals ponder the worthlessness of comic book deaths and then examine some of the most shameless ways that dead characters have risen from the grave. Following that dose of extreme word candy, the page turns to the one and only NERDBASTARDS SAN DIEGO COMIC CON PREVIEW (preview), aka Operation Blitzed Dragon (previewed). Also, a special unauthorized vow from Jason, promising that Head Nerd Luke Gallagher may wear a dress if our SDCC coverage doesn’t live up to the hype — and oh by the way, did we mention that our coverage will re-define your view of perfection, pleasure, and contentment? No, probably not, but in THE DIRTY NERDY, Jeremy thinks he’s Iron Man and Jason has distaste in his heart for a small group of people. That’s right, it’s delusions of grandeur and small scale hatred — so we got that going for us…

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