As if trailers, TV spots and featurettes weren’t enough to market The Dark Knight Rises, there’s also theatrical posters, banners and character posters. I mean jeeze, the only thing I haven’t seen to market the flick are TDKR inspired urinal cakes. I have yet to piss on the face of the Dark Knight… and I hope I never will. And still, with just over two weeks left to release, Warner Bros. isn’t done yet.

Three new posters for Christopher Nolan‘s latest Bat flick hit the Internet. One is for the IMAX release, another is a viral offering and a third is a UK quad based on a previously released viral image. The below posters are from Coming Soon, IMP Awards (via First Showing) and ScreenCrush.

So how many posters does this movie have now? Are they going for a record or something?

Oh, did anyone notice Bane’s eyes make a bat in the manhole one?

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