Surprise, surprise, but another gaming company has themselves in a bit of hot water over how they cater to female gamers. When will they learn it’s not only dudes buying their games. This time it’s the developer Gearbox feeling the fury of gamer girls over the lack of playable female characters in the online multiplayer portion of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That’s right, in a game based on a franchise that gave us one of the most kick-ass, female warriors, Ripley, you can’t play as a woman when you want to game online. Way to seriously drop the ball, Gearbox.

But here’s hoping this might change before the games February 12th, 2013 release. Fan Melissa K. has started an online petition to make Gearbox aware of their egregious error. Under the username MOOSH89, the petition has already surpassed 2,000 signatures. Here’s their official statement from the petition’s website,

Aliens: Colonial Marines developed by Gearbox Software and published by SEGA is an upcoming First Person Shooter where according to the official website “You and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines.”… “Enlist in the Marine Corps: Bringing you a true sequel to James Cameron’s classic Aliens…”… ” An extensive upgrade system allows players to customize their characters to play the way they want”, yet according to Brian Burleson, Producer at GBX, You CANNOT play as a female marine.

While we fully support Gearbox, We would like to request the inclusion of playable females. The ALIENS franchise is dominated by strong females such as Ripley, Vasquez, Ferro, Dietrich and most importantly, The Queen. There is roughly 5-6 months before the game goes Gold and releases February 12th, 2013. We believe ALIENS is the perfect starting pont for developers to start including playable females in more multiplayer shooters. And what better company to start this than Gearbox with the success of Borderlands and the benchmark shooter Brothers in Arms? There are many females that enjoy playing video games and are fans of the films who are tired of playing as a male all the time. Lets let Gearbox Software see how important this is to the ALIENS franchise!

What we want is the ability to create a CUSTOM female to represent ourselves just like the men can, in Multiplayer/Co-op in order for us to “Become a Colonial Marine” as well as accurately represent the other half of the United States Colonial Marine Corps!

I don’t believe the omission of a customizable female character was intentional by Gearbox, it’s an unfortunate oversight and sadly one we see more often than not. But it would be a great first step towards remedying the disparaging lack of options for female gamers.

Want to add you name to list of over 2,500 signatures? Sign the petition here.

Source: Gamespot via TDW: Geeks

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