Those who’ve always wondered if Ubisoft would ever seriously pursue an Assassin’s Creed movie, especially after that rather disappointing Prince of Persia effort, you’ll be very happy to hear Michael Fassbender is planning to star in and co-produce an adaptation. Hells yeah, one of Hollywood’s hottest actors is tackling one of the hottest video game franchises. It’s like a match made in an Animus device.

Fassbender will be working along with Ubisoft and his longtime producing partner, Conor McCaughan. This will allow Ubisoft more creative control unlike the Persia film which was all Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. And it sucked.

Details are pretty slim, but as you know Assassin’s Creed follows Desmond Miles and his adventures when he relives the life of an ancestor through the Animus device. The first game follows Altair in the Crusades, the second is Ezio in the Renaissance, and when Assassin’s Creed III releases in October it’ll be as Connor Kenway in the American Revolution. In each past life, Desomond learns more and more secrets about the Knight’s Templar, a prophecy about the  end of the world, and a pre-human civilization.

That sounds like a lot of plot for one movie to explore, so if this Fassebender/Assassin’s Creed film is a success I smell sequels! And honestly, doesn’t this sounds like gold? Especially if Ubisoft is in control of the story because their games’ stories are incredible and half the fun in playing. The other half being able to sneak up and stab people in the back.

What do you bastards think of an Assassin’s Creed flick with Fassbender in the lead?

Source: Variety via /Film


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