‘Deus Ex’ Film Adaptation On the List

The history of film is tainted with the numerous video game movies that have been spun from gold into crap.  Many of these flicks turn out so poorly that it’s an effort just to sit through them from beginning to end.  Now, CBS Films wants to get in on the action and make one more attempt.  This time around, the title to get the work-over will be Deus Ex – specifically the storyline from the latest installment in the franchise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

For those that have not played the game, the premise involves a security expert by the name of Adam Jensen who sets out to investigate an attack on his biotech company.  He gets a bunch of cybernetic enhancements to make himself completely bad-ass and then goes on the hunt amidst a backdrop of corporate espionage.

At first glance, it looks like the resulting movie will pretty much be a cyber-guy doing crazy stunts and blowing shit up in new and interesting ways.  Hardly much of a difference from video game flicks made in the past, excepting the genre.

The one thing the movie does have going for it, however, is that CBS is looking to bring the game developers onboard to help with the production.  Assuming the developers have a decent vision, we might end up with something watchable.


Thanks to slashfilm for the info.

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