Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at nerdybits@nerdbastards.com.

ABOVE: Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled pictures of Poison Ivy, the latest edition to the DC Comics Premium Format Figure collection. This super-sexy 1:4 scale figure measures 21 inches tall and features Poison Ivy along with her carnivorous plants  (If you know what I mean). Each is hand-painted and available for preorder now with delivery expected in January 2013. [Nerd Approved]

Duke Nukem is here to Kick-Ass and Cosplay… and he’s all done kicking ass. [TSCF]

This is Chad Roberts, who wins the Internet today with a Star Wars X-Wing beard. . [ObviousWinner]

These Game of Thrones direwolf bookends will keep you tomes safe. Or at least they’ll class up your dirty magazines. [GeekAlerts]

This is the $24,000 Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet. It has everything you need to survive a zombie apocalypse minus food and guns. Pack includes: Weapons and accessories. Knives. Cases and Backpacks. Reloading and Gunsmithing Equipment. Tools. Protective Gear. Laboratory Equipment and MOAR! I would buy it if it was 23.999 dollars. [Geekologie]


Following on the heels of their acclaimed Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within film, Thousand Pounds Action Company has returned with the highly anticipated sequel to their Naruto fan film saga. The original Naruto live action film set the stage for an epic fight between Naruto and Rock Lee, drawing a worldwide audience and generating millions of views. Now, with Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight – The Complete Film, Thousand Pounds finished the fan film phenomenon they started last year [GeeksAreSexy]

Somehow, I always knew Rue McClanahan would make a wonderful Superman. Watch as the Superfriends get a very welcomed and totally awesome, Golden Girl treatment. [Gorilla Mask]

LEGO Designer Video of the Ultimate Collector Series B-wing Starfighter, which will be available to buy starting in October 2012. Danish Accent for the WIN!  [SlashFilm]

Scout Troopers doing motocross stunts while they comb the dunes of Tatooine. Stunts, troopers and sand people. What more do you want out of a YouTube video? [Kotaku]

There’s only one thing that could make a video of people sobbing bearable to watch. If they cried in tune with the Super Mario Bros. theme song. [Sugarzaza]


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