Guys, do you realize it’s only nine days until The Dark Knight Rises releases? I know! Holy shit, how time flies. I feel as if it were only yesterday we were trying to decipher grainy video captured on set and today, well, today we’ve got the first, official clip.

Gary Oldman brought this clip with him last night when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. It features himself, as Commissioner Gordon, being questioned by John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) about that fateful night when Harvey Dent died and Gotham last saw Batman. It’s all nostalgic feeling, especially for Gordon, and their short conversation sets the mood for a Batman-less Gotham. Check it out below,

This is most we’ve heard from John Blake and he seems mighty interested in the mysterious Batman. Do you think his curiosity leads him right to the caped crusader, and possible his own Bat suit?

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