While the official film adaptation of Bryan K. Vaughn‘s Y: The Last Man continues swimming around in pre-development hell, filmmaker Christian Cardona has stepped in to fill the void with his own really, really, really impressive fan film. Titled Y: The Last Man Rising, the short film follows the early events of the comic which chronicles a world where a catastrophic plague has wiped out every man on Earth. That is, except for Yorick and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

If you’ve never read the comic, one, get on that it’s an excellent book, and two, this film works as a darn good primer for the series. The production quality is fantastic and for as much as I’ve been able to watch, the acting’s pretty great, too.

Y: The Last Man Rising stars Travis Quentin Young as Yorick Brown, Kent King as Agent 355, and Rebecca Marshall as Hero Brown.

Hey, uh, Hollywood honcho guys, can you just let Cardona adapt Y: The Last Man for ya? We here, on the internet, are all really impressed with his test reel.

Source: IGN

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