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ABOVE:  If you’re at SDCC, and you go to Activision and and are one of the first 100 people to pre-order the new Walking Dead game — not the adventure game Telltale has been doing, but an upcoming FPS — you get a free replica of Darryl’s necklace from The Walking Dead TV series. Honestly, it’s  a little gory, but it beats giving your lady a fake string of pearls. [ToplessRobot]

Realistic battle damaged Stormtrooper helmet w/ visible bloody skull. Because fans needs to see how horribly cannibalistic Ewoks are. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca narrowly avoided becoming a feast for the Ewoks at their first encounter. An efficient and practical race, the Ewoks use the bones of their fallen prey as tools, and the skulls as ornamentation on their crude clothing. They also get high on bath salts like ALL. THE. TIME. [ObviousWinner]

“Bellydancing TARDIS with a lightsaber. Your argument is invalid.” [raksgeek]

Because science ruins everything. Some physicists prove that the Batman would plummet to death like a rock wearing a cape. [Geekologie]

So you want to touch Felicia Day’s boobs, but you’re afraid of the real world real-world consequences? Qmx has the solution. For $179.95, you can have a foot-tall Felicia Day statue, dressed as Codex from her web series The Guild,  in which to live out your grabby fantasies.  [TDWGeek]

Be a superhero with these custom wingback chairs by Etsy seller RollerGirl808. Each chair is made to order and comes adorned with a superhero or character of your choice created by artist Larry DiMaio. Just think, you can finally sit on Power Girl’s face. [The Awesomer]

I don’t know anything about My Little Pony, my last interaction with them came when my GI Joe’s commandeered my sister’s stable of pink horses to ride into the battle of the Fisher Price Kitchen Set. We won out, but we lost a lot of good men, Transformers, and Donatello. This is My Little Stormtrooper [Fashionably Geek]

This Batmobile Golf Cart almost makes golf cool, almost. Also, where do we start a petition to get this cart to Bill Murray as a genuine thank you for delaying Ghostbusters 3 all these years?  [Reddit]

Piggy backing off  The Muppets, the latest TV spot for Ice Age: Continental Drift parodies another upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises. Scrats needs bat shark repellant. [TDWGeek]

Spectacular set of Game of Thrones impressions by this fellow, he’s like the Rich Little of youtubers. Or, he’s like the _________ of youtubers, should you feel the need to enhance that comparison with the name of someone you’ve actually heard of who does impressions. [Dorkly]

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