Remember the carnage left behind by Loki, the Chitauri, and the Avengers left behind after their epic battle in New York during The Avengers? Well apparently the fine people responsible for cleaning up such things left something behind — a bad ass gun and a reason for Marvel to make a short film called Item 47 (that’s the poster above). The filmlet, which will screen secretly in San Diego during Comic Con on Friday night will also be included on the Avengers DVD.

Right now all we know about the plot is that’s the film’s stars Jesse Bradford (Bring it On) and Lizzie Caplan (Party Down) will find the space gun and go on a crime spree. Shield agents, led by Titus Welliver (Lost) will pursue them and try to stop the mayhem. No word yet on if the movie will lead into any future Marvel projects such as the already announced Guardians of the Galaxy movie or Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Ant-Man, or Big Bertha: The Movie (what, you hadn’t heard that that was Marvel’s secret project?)

In San Diego and too impatient to wait until the DVD? Don’t we want a platter of everything fantastic you glutinous git? According to EW, the rules are simple providing you have nothing to do at Comic-Con on Friday:

Start by downloading the free Avengers Second Screen app from the iTunes store, which will provide a series of clues leading to a hunt Friday morning through San Diego. Follow the trail properly and it will lead to a screening that evening.

Source: EW


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