So, Warner Bros. is actually, hopefully, maybe, really making  a Justice League movie. There’s a 2015 release date attached as well as a bevy of rumors about who will comprise this first live-action, big screen assembly of the League. But before that, WB wants to focus on heightening the public awareness of the Justice League. Personally, I’d say bring back that Justice League cartoon, but WB isn’t known for seeking my advice. Instead they’re tapping Rocksteady, – y’know, those Brits behind Arkham Asylum and Arkham City – to create a video game starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and various other high profile members of the Justice League.

Variety‘s reporting this game, which is expected for a 2014 release, will be a prequel to 2009’s Arkham Asylum and feature, “Batman’s first meeting with the Joker.” Their article also alludes to a 1950s setting in where we see Batman first meet Supes, Wondy, and the rest, but as totally awesome as that would be, it’s far more likely the game will fit in more with the New 52 League. Which is a shame, because a 50s Justice League had me thinking of Darwyn Cooke’s “The New Frontier” and, oh man, how kick ass of a game would that be?!?!

Anyway, the Justice League is popping up a fair amount in video games lately. They are, of course, featured in DC Universe Online, they’re now a part of the LEGO universe with LEGO Batman 2, and they’re in a brand new fighting game next year titled Injustice: Gods Among Us. But let’s be honest, those Rocksteady games are the pinnacle of super hero video games. It’s a tough order, but an they really bring a game in where the Justice League is both represented as “realistic” and fun to play?

What do you bastards think of this news? Is this a smart move for Rocksteady, or should they stick with only Batman?

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