Sneak Peak at Buffy Spin-off ‘Spike’

Dark Horse Comics is in line to release a new Buffy season 9 comic book spin-off featuring as its main character the loveable, soulful Spike.  The miniseries, titled Spike of course, is set to run for five issues and features Victor Gischler in the writing department and Paul Lee on pencils.

Following the end of season 9 series, Spike was left in a bit of a state cause Buffy didn’t want to be his main squeeze.  So what happens next?  That’s what Spike is set to explain.

Here are a few sneak peak panels showing Spike… on a spaceship… with an army of supplicant, battle armor-clad cockroaches.  Yeah, it all makes sense when it comes to the Buffy-verse.

Take a look and see what you think:

For the Buffy fans that must know what happens next, the first issue of Spike is set to release on August 22nd.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the info.

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