I guess the resounding misfire that was Battleship hasn’t dissuaded the Powers That Be from going to the toy box for inspiration. Yes kids, it seems that Stretch Armstrong is back on track with director Breck Eisner now attached to get behind the camera on the project.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Eisner, who’s preciously made the hated adaptation of Sahara and the decent remake of The Crazies, has signed on to direct the live-action Stretch movie from a script written by Dean Georgaris, who previously  wrote The Manchurian CandidateGeorgaris was hired back in April to get the script together.

No word on who might star, but you might remember that The Twilight Saga’s Taylor Lautner and his pecks were previously attached to star in the film.

Of course it might be a stretch to say that we will assuredly see an Armstrong movie in the near future (rim shot). Of course, at one point the possibility of a Battleship movie seemed far-fetched. We will expand on details when they unfold.

Source: /Film

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