With San Diego Comic-Con just hours away (you can listen to the special preview podcast of our all encompassing coverage here) you’d think all the big stories would be on hold for all the major announcements at the con. Well, we still managed to poke and prod the internet for a little superhero round-up.

Now, with The Dark Knight Rises just a touch over a week away, yes we have a few bat bits to throw your way. Also, think Nathan Fillion should be Ant-Man in Avengers 2? Wonder who will play the big bad in Black Panther? It all starts after the jump.

First up, 15 minutes of footage from the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO, conveniently titled, Marvel Heroes.

This year at SDCC you’ll have a chance to play a demo build of Marvel Comics up coming superhero based MMO. With a staggering 8,000-plus heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe it will be interesting to see who makes it in. Characters like Black Widow, Cable, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Deadpool, Emma Frost, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Storm, The Thing, Thor, and of course Wolverine have already been confirmed. The above game play footage (courtesy of Gamespot) shows off a pretty sweet looking game, and since its been written by Brian Michael Bendis the game should also pack quite a punch story wise.  I have to say it looks fun, even if you can’t make your own hero or villain to run along side/against the big guns in the MarvelU. Sorry, but the Spectacular Captain No-Pants will have to wait another day.



With a Black Panther movie still seemingly a possibility, an interesting little casting rumor floated over the internet today. Stuntman/Martial Artist/Actor Raw Leiba told  World of Superheroes that he’s already talked with Marvel Studios about a role in the film.

Well, it really all started with a visit to Marvel, they knew about me, but it was being there at Marvel talking to the artist and the wonderful people that work there and Marvel getting that opportunity to see me in person that put me in this position … It would mean a lot, obviously Marvel is a fantastic enterprise and to have the opportunity to have a major role in any Marvel movie is a blessing.

As Black Panthers Nemesis Erik Killmonger, Leiba seems on the surface like a good fit. One obvious catch is that lack of name recognition. The current state of the Marvel movie universe is built on a lot of star power, but Leiba does think he has an edge.

One of the first things they mentioned, that I have, was how I look exactly like the character but it takes more than just looking like Killmonger you have to BE Killmonger. Having the acting experience coupled with all the athletic and fighting skill needed for the role, having trained with the world famous Gracie family in the art Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for many years and the stunt and stage combat experience made the process easier , so I knew when Marvel got the opportunity to see that it was gonna be a good thing.

Oh… speaking of Marvel movies requiring star power….



The long standing dream casting of Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym/Ant-Man may have finally come to an end. Speaking with Digital Spy the multiple time Joss Whedon collaborator shattered the hearts of nerds everywhere when he speculated that he just doesn’t have the star power to be apart of the next Avengers movie.

I have to be honest. The entertainment industry is an industry. I love telling stories but finance does meet art. If I were in charge of an Avengers sequel I would be very concerned about what kind of money I could make back overseas, and these kinds of things. I’m not quite at that level yet where I could just be plopped in there but I’m getting there.

Well, it’s not like he said he won’t, or even really can’t… THE DREAM LIVES!


While the rest of the world waits, it sounds like Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises is already a hit with the critics. Aceshowbiz.com is reporting that the film received a standing ovation at a recent press screening. Of course, those in attendance didn’t stop there. Quick, to the twitterverse!

Lauren Hiestand: “The Dark Knight Rises has just finished screening for the press and critics, receiving a STANDING OVATION!!!”

Marco Gennuso: “If this does not break the mold and win Best Picture, no comic book movie ever will #TDKR.”

Tom McAuliffe: “Just finished the screening of Dark Knight Rises…so much awesome…can’t wait to see it again. And again. 9 out of 10 for me. I’d put Amazing Spider-Man at a 7.5 and Avengers at an 8.5.”

So, just what is all the hype about? Well, this recently released TV spot for TDKR shows off a little more of what we can expect on the 20th. In it Bruce Wayne visits his doctor (Thomas Lennon) and shows a slightly lighter side than what we are used to. Let’s see what kind of injuries old Bats has wracked up so far.

Comic relief aside, the movie still looks stunning and if the early box office is any indication, it will also be very successful. The Hollywood Reporter says Nolan’s third (and final) Batman movie is on track surpass the $158.4 that its predecessor Dark Knight cashed in 4 years agobreak the all-time opening weekend record for a 2D movie.

While we are on a TDKR love bomb, ComingSoon.net has posted the full audio from the films Los Angeles press conference. It’s described as light on spoilers but if you want to remain totally pure, it’s best avoided. Christian Bale talks about the pains of wearing the batsuit (including trying on Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever suit in his original audition… ew), Michael Caine‘s talks about meeting Nolan for the first time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt verbally high fives the people of Pittsburgh and we get some nice sound bites from Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Emma Thomas and,  even Nolans brother Jonathan.

So… um, is it July 20th yet?

Speaking of which, if you are going to be at SDCC Warner Bros is giving you a chance to be the hero of your hometown by winning a special advanced screening of The Dark Knight Rises. While details are slim to none at this point, we do know that five con attendees will win. Other than that, WB just wants bat fans to stay tuned to the films facebook page for more details.

That’s all for the round-up this time. Now to await the flood of news that is coming from Comic-Con!

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