In celebration of San Diego Comic Con 2012 and in the spirit of giving, Nerd Bastards will be holding a most excellent giveaway contest. Yes, it is the largest lot of items that we have ever given away!

Our friends at Hasbro Toys have been shipping us a bunch of goodies for review. NB HQ literally has a pile of toys in the corner. We got sent so much stuff and we really weren’t sure what to do with it all… until now. See, we know you love Nerd Bastards and we love you right back *awkward nerd hug*. There is no way to show just how much we adore you aside from maybe getting a face tattoo of your names and that… that could be costly, so instead  we’re goona give you free shit in exchange for little to no work — that’s a good start, right?

With out further adieu, we are proud to present a word in French and also “The Great Nerd Bastards Giveaway”. You, yes you, can walk away with a big ‘ole box of toys (courtesy of Hasbro); featuring products from G.I. Joe,  The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man and other Marvel items. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Iron Man plastic role playing mask
  2. The Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor
  3. Amazing Spider-Man role hero FX mask
  4. Amazing Spider-Man Movie 3.75 Inch Action Figure Ultra Poseable SpiderMan and Lizard action figures.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Action Figure
  6. San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2012 Jinx AKA Kim Arashikage – GI Joe
  7. San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2012 Marvel Universe Masters of Evil 3-Pack; featuring Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and Tigershark

7 awesome items. That’s over $150 worth of swag. All for you! Play with them. Sell em’. Donate them. Put figures in unfortunate sexual positions and take photos… do anything you want, everything will be yours!

What exactly do I need to do to win? Simple!

1. You need to follow Nerd Bastards and HasbroNews  on Twitter (@NerdBastards @HasbroNews)

2. Retweet the following message “RT @NerdBastards @HasbroNews 4 Ur Chance to Win a Huge Box of Toys! #NBGiveaway

Contest is applicable to fans who already follow us on Twitter (you just need to RT message).  Multiple tweets are allowed (No limit, but don’t flood the feed. Play nice.). 1 lucky winner will be randomly chosen (Don’t go trying to bribe us with money or boobs. They are certainly welcomed, but they just won’t increase your chances). on Monday 7/16/2012 . The box of toys will be mailed out -free of charge via standard delivery and should be to the lucky lil bastard or bastardette within 1-2 weeks.

Got it? Now, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the Nerd Bastards gospel. DO IT NOW!


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