When you think of a wonderland, you don’t necessarily think of New Jersey but DreamWorks has decided to plant a theme park right in the middle of the Garden State miles away from New York City and right in the heart of what will surely become an endless traffic jam. This is how the world ends people, not with a boom or a sniffle, but with martial law, E-Z Pass Warlords, and mayhem on Route 3 in a swamp called East Rutherford.

The company headed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, will base the park around characters like Shrek, Kung Fu, and the cast of characters from Madagascar. According to Movies.com, Katzenberg called the project: “A one-of-a-kind retail and entertainment destination in North America”.

The venue will hold, according to The Wrap:

“Themed rides and attractions, along with retail venues, a water park, an ice-skating rink, an indoor ski park and theaters. Plans also call for 1.7 million square feet of retail space, along with 150,000 square feet of dining and restaurant space.”

The Meadowlands, which sounds so much lovelier than it is (I’ve lived in this state and within 30 miles of that place for more than 1/3 of my life) currently hosts the new Giants Stadium, the worthless Izod Center (an arena built for a hockey team and a basketball team that have now abandoned it), and the monument to eyesores and boondoggles everywhere (that is 5 years past when it was supposed to open) — the mall shell that was Xanadu, is now The American Dream Complex, and which will soon be Shrek land, or whatever they decide to call it. One-of-a-kind indeed.

Source: The Wrap

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