Earlier today I brought you a rumor that had been circulating throughout Comic-Con that Neil Gaiman would be working on a new Sandman series with J.H. Williams III attached for the art. Guess what? IT’S NOT A RUMOR! And yes, of course I said that to myself in my best – read: worst – Schwarzenegger impression.

Here’s the proof, straight from Neil himself, or rather @neilhimself,

How awesome!??!! I love when good rumors come true. So this Sandman series, as you heard the lovely Mr. Gaiman say, will be a prequel that fills in what Morpheus was doing before Sandman #1. The video also contains a tease of some J.H. Williams’ Sandman art and believe me, once we find a nice quality version we’ll be updating this post.

UPDATED! Lookie, lookie! As promised here’s a better look at that J.H. Williams III promotional artwork for Sandman. Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the hook up!

Wow. Just wow. I don’t know if an artist, writer, and series were ever better suited for each other?

The series will debut in 2013. Now tell me, just how excited are you?

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