Welcome to the NerdBastards.com live blog of the Marvel Comic — The Next Big Thing panel from San Diego Comic-Con. Scheduled speakers are editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, editor Sana Amanat, and talent scout C.B. Cebulski.

The program states that Marvel will offer the latest news on their “plan for their biggest heroes and villanins, with some surprises along the way. We’re hoping that that means a little more information on the Marvel Universe after Avengers vs. X-Men, the soft reboot that is Marvel Now, and the fate of some characters that may not make it into the next generation.

Keep checking this page for updates during the panel.

(4:37) Alonso, Amanat, Cebulski, Marjouri Liu, Asmus, Daniel Way, Peter David, Abnett, Lanning, Jeanie Shaffiet, Neal Adams, in attendance.

(4:39) New Gambit book being talked up. Mann and Ausmus involved. Ausmus has a man crush on Gambit.

(4:43) Honeymoon issue of X-Men planned for Northstar and Kyle.

(4:45) Matt Fraction on Hawkeye, he thinks it will be the next Daredevil.

(4:46) Daniel Way is leaving Deadpool, no word yet on what he is going to be working on next… maybe D-Man: The Almost Avenger?

(4:50) Alonso says that Deadpool is his sons favorite character, not the end of the character, just the next phase.

(4:51) New Mutants to come to an end at issue 50.

(4:53) New mutants characters will show up in new and exciting and unexpected places. Also a joke about ending X-Factor falls very flat.

(4:55) Up next is Run Layla Run. A parody of sorts of Run Lola Run. After that is X-Factor mini event. Over a five day span, most of dangling plot threads will be wrapped up. This will be called Breaking Points. Leonark Kirk will handle the art for those. Peter David says Kirk is doing some of his best work, says “”The writers are as excited as the fans to see what’s next”

(4:57) Red Hulk turning into Red She Hulk at #58 as a part of the Marvel Now initiative and something that is “Very important to the future of the Hulk”.

(5:00) Naturally there will be a new Thanos book with Joe Keatinge on board to write — this is his first work with Marvel and he knows his Thanos back story, though he was unaware of the Avengers cameo. Avengers Assemble will also have Thanos.

(5:05) Christos Gage and Neal Adams talking about X-Men now. “Is Logan’s involvement with the X-Men deeper than you know?” Their book will feature mostly new mutants (not THE New Mutants), also Logan, Sabertooth, and a new character called Bomb who is 13 years old and fits in Logan’s jacket like a tent. Crowd awed.

Interesting side note: When Adams’ past work was talked up, there was no mention of his DC work.

(5:08) Time for audience questions, fan asks if there will be other young Avengers in Hawkeye? “No, just Kate. Their very similar in their outlook.”

(5:10) Asked to elaborate on Red Hulk, fan is told to check out World War Hulk first — “And you’ll be excited. On a mission, puts her at odds with rest of the Marvel Universe.”

(5:12) More galactic stuff promised in the near future, teenager asks if there is a pattern from crossover event to crossover event — “We do one every year. Because people like them. We hear about event fatigue, but the sales don’t bear that out. You vote with your wallets. AVSX will not be the last.”

(5:14) On Polaris’ past: “An entire issue of Breaking Points is devoted to it. 243. If you are a Polaris fan, you must be there.”

(5:16) Fans asks “All events have been about Avengers. Is AvX a return to X-centric events?” — answer: “We’re bridging the gap. X-men are sometimes marginallized. Uncanny Avengers. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate”. Now I am hungry.

(5:17) “Marvel Universe Now is not an alternate reality. This is real. This is month in and month out Marvel Universe.” – Axel Alonso.

Now intern Joe is passing out Thanos pins. I will not share that with you.

(5:20) Alonso professes love for “hippy with a shaved head” Silver Surfer, says that they are looking at him, ostensibly for future solo projects.

(5:22) On Thanos and who he will interact with: “You will see almost everything you want to see. Isn’t that a great answer. God like beings. A lot of characters you know, some you don’t. It’s Thanos: Year One.

(5:23) On bringing back Doctor Strange with a solo book and his absence from the Marvel Now re…whatever: “He is in Defenders. Also, Greg Pak’s Season One Dr. Strange GN. But we want to do it right for an ongoing. We need to figure out what the rules of Marvel magic are.

(5:24) The $64,000 question, someone asks about Nick Fury’s illegitimate son: “There’s room for all these characters. We talked about Fury in one of our retreats for hours. There’s room.”

(5:26) On Ultimate Universe: “It’s like Ultimates in Avengers is HBO. A bit harder, the continuity is concise. It’s a place where we can kill Peter Parker and get a new Spider-Man.”

(5:28) No plans for a Doctor Doom book, want more Cloak and Dagger? Read Amazing Spider-Man.

(5:30) Final question — someone asks about the return of Secret Warriors: Apparently they will return in an unannounced untilted series, several Secret Warriors. And Runaways. Not called Secret Warriors or Runaways.

And that’s all from the Marvel Comics panel. We’ll be live-blogging many of the biggest panels during SDCC this year, so remember to keep checking back with NerdBastards.c0m — you’re source for everything Comic Con.






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