SDCC12: Wright Talks Progress on ‘Ant Man’ Flick

One can’t help but get the feeling that this time, Ant Man is surely on its way to a big screen near you. Some test footage will be screened this weekend at San Diego Comic Con, and there’s the persistent rumor that Ant Man will be the tease at the end of Iron Man 3, that, with the success of The Avengers, seems to suggest that Ant Man is on the fast track to be the next big (little) Marvel hero to hit the multiplex.

So what’s the hold-up?

Just par for the course, says director Edgar Wright. Before going into Comic Con, Wright had a few words to say about the trouble with developing a major superhero franchise.

So where are we with development, Edgar?

WRIGHT: The development process is something that has so many elements to it and that doesn’t mean that you’re writing every day. In fact me and Joe Cornish wrote a script (for Ant-Man) last year and we haven’t done any work on it since, because they’re happy with it, we’re happy with it, we’re dealing with other elements of it now, so I might be doing another film first, y’know.

So if the script’s awesome, what’s delaying the production:

WRIGHT: It’s funny where its that thing in news stories where people say ‘Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright have been writing this film for yeeeears,’ and it’s true and not true, we’ve done like three drafts of the script and we’ve got to a place where we’re happy with it and so is everyone else, and now it’s a question of when is that slot to make it?”

What do you think of people thinking there’s issues with your script?:

WRIGHT: “People assume if something’s been in development for years there must be some kind of problem or something that we’re desperately trying to fix, and that’s not necessarily the case because you work on different things at different times.

“I think that what people don’t really understand in terms of movies — especially when film sites do hourly news — is how many years it can take for a film to come together. Even Shaun of the Dead took four years to reach the screen.”

He could be right. We will surely have more Ant Man news as Comic Con moves forward in the next couple of days.

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