I arrived pretty late to the Avatar party. Maybe I was scared away by M. Night Shamalayn’s horrific live-action adaptation, which would really be saying something since I never even saw it, or maybe it’s because Nickelodeon simply hadn’t impressed me with their animated offerings in recent years. Then one day I sat down with Netflix to find out what all this Avatar and “bending” jazz was all about, and hours later I had consumed the entire first season. In a sitting! Yeah, the cartoon is really that good, forget everything you ever heard about that crappy movie, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a phenomenal ‘toon.

Its follow-up series, The Legend of Korra, might be even better. That is to say only one season has aired and it’s already off to a fantastic start so I’ve got high hopes this series could even eclipse Avatar. Korra‘s performed amazingly well for Nickelodeon as Entertianment Weekly reports on the show’s viewership as well as those newly ordered episodes,

After averaging 3.8 million viewers for Season 1, Book 1, which concluded June 23, the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel is receiving a second-season order of 26 episodes that presumably will be divided into two parts called Books 3 and 4, bringing the total number of episodes to 52.

Hells yes!

But don’t worry Avatards – oh, how I wish that wasn’t the nickname for fans – there’s more Korra coming even sooner as we’ve still got the second part of Season 1, Book 2 premiering next year.

Any Nerd Bastards out there also Avatar fans? Are you pumped for more Korra?

Source: The Mary Sue

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