Hot on the heels of locking in Chronicle director Josh Trank, FOX Studios is rumored to be wooing writer Jeremy Slater for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Rebooting (working title). The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio is just in the process of finalizing a deal with the up-and-coming writer. I guess we’ll have to assume he’s the man for the job because after an exhaustive 15 seconds on IMDB… uh, I don’t think the dude has had any of his scripts hit the screen just yet.

Apparently he has a spec sitting at Lionsgate called Tape 4, a horror story tied to the H.P. Lovecraft mythology and a teen spy comedy called My Spy that Universal is making with Jake Kasdan  directing.

Now, FOX is in a hurry to restart the Fantastic Four franchise, lest the rights revert back to Marvel. Pairing up a rather new director and a completely fresh writer seems like an interesting direction to go. Do they have a plan? Is this team going to unlock the hidden potential of the characters and make it a viable movie property? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Unless of course they are just going to rush out a movie just to keep the FF film rights, but that would just be silly, Right?

Anyone know Roger Corman’s email?

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