Earlier this week, y’know, before the madness that is Comic-Con struck, I shared some comments from Karl Urban where he outright named Star Trek 2‘s villain. Of course, since then fans have been suspecting it was only more misdirection as the name dropped is another character writer Robert Orci has denied being in the film. But still, the slip-up happened, we all heard it, and we can’t help but wonder if there’s a grain of truth to it.

Now at Comic-Con promoting Dreddwhich we’ve heard looks incredible! – Urban explained to Coming Soon the reason for his spoilery slip-up,

I’m really not at liberty to discuss anything about Star Trek. All I can say is that I did that interview after a 22-hour flight from New Zealand. I literally hopped off the plane into the interview.

Yeah, I don’t know if jetlag is enough of an excuse to smooth things over with J.J. Abrams, who must be fuming if what Urban said is true at all. I think you’re in the doghouse, Karl.

The good news, for us anyway, is he just can’t stop talking about Star Trek! Continuing on to say,

I can promise you that before the end of Comic-Con, some exclusive Star Trek footage, it’s going to come out. You’re going to find it. It’s going to come out.

Star Trek 2, sadly, doesn’t have an official presence at Comic-Con this year so when he says “exclusive Star Trek footage,” what could he mean? Who would be revealing it? And when he says, “You’re going to find it,” what kind of a clue is that?

Well, while on another panel Urban added there would be “secret” Star Trek footage on YouTube. But we don’t know when, and we don’t know from whom. Hmm, the plot thickens. I’m gonna suggest you stay glued to your computer, and Nerd Bastards, because once we figure out where this “secret” footage is hiding we’ll be dragging it out for all to see. Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, what do you think this “secret” footage will be?

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