[UPDATED] SDCC12 in Pictures: Friday

I dunno if you noticed, but NB is  striving very hard to be your #1 source for all SDCC12 news. Three days into the convention and we’ve done nothing but supply a steady stream of news and updates. If you’re happy with our work then please spread the NB gospel to your friends. Tell em’ about NB prime and have them check out our Twitter and and Facebook fan page.

Now, I will tell you, that while we’ve been extremely dedicated to filling your feed with the latest TV, film, comics and gaming news, the one aspect of Comic Con we’ve overlooked… is the actual convention floor. We aimed to have a huge gallery of images for you, but we’ve have been so busy with panels and schmoozing with celebrities that we really haven’t had time to break out the camera. One of NB’s correspondents, Dev Richards, was able to sneak in a few pics. Maybe you saw them in our SDCC pictures night 1 and night 2? Those handful of pictures, however,  simply don’t show the grandness of it all. It’s a massive floor, with amazing sights. Really, just cool stuff everywhere. I myself, am I’m still taking it all in.

Anyway, here’s  few more pictures to wet your whistle. I got some shots from Mattel’s booth, a flying car from Total Recall, both Walking Dead booths (1 for show and the other for comic), Iron Man 3‘s hall or amour and a few others. I’ll be uploading some more later. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We were able to snag a few more pics. We would have got these to you sooner,  but bad wifi made uploading impossible. In this round of pics, we were able to get some shots of IMN3 Hall w/ new mustard suit, the Indiana Jones snake pit and a few other fun stuff.  Special thanks to Steven Sautter for getting these.

*Note: Additional reporting by Luke Gallagher


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