When I reported on the news The Legend of Korra would be getting a second season yesterday I was pleasantly surprised so many of you Nerd Bastards were Avatards. Ha! I’ll never get over how ridiculous that name is. Anyway, knowing we’ve got the audience and I’m more than happy to keep talking about Korra let’s run through some of the Comic-Con highlights.

First, Cinema Blend has been doing an excellent job running live blogs for those uber-popular panels that not everyone can attend. Here’s some choice bits from The Legend of Korra panel.

  • Book Two will be called “Spirit” and it’ll take place 6 months after the end of Book One. And what d’ya know, it’ll be a more spiritual season.
  • We’ll visit the Southern Water Tribe again, there will be a Water Festival, and we’ll see how the Southern Tribe has been built back up. Think more like Northern Tribe in Avatar.
  • Korra’s parents show up again, and we meet her uncle, Ulak, who’s cheif of the Northern Water Tribe. We’ll also learn how Korra’s destiny ties into her family and her family’s role in the two water tribes.
  • We’ll see the Southern Air Temple and more ancient airbending places.
  • We’ll meet Ang and Katara’s daughter, Kya, as well as see more of Bumi.
  • Asami runs Future Industries, Mako’s a cop, and Bolin is still a Fire Ferret.

The crowd also got to record sound for the pro-bending matches! Lucky bastards. Again, check out the entire live blog at Cinema Blend.

Here’s a quick interview with P.J. Byrne, the voice of the Bolin, from the con in where he reveals what very little he can say about Book Two,

And, finally, this isn’t from Comic-Con, per se, but it might make you feel like you’re actually at a panel learning some behind the scenes info. Currently, Nickelodeon has been airing these Making of a Legend specials about the first season of Korra, but there’s a lot of filler material in each episode that can make it hassle to sit through.

Not anymore! One devoted fan has trimmed down the three specials that have aired so far into one, seven minute video. Enjoy!

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