Stan Lee ‘Iron Man 3’ Cameo Revealed

Briefly: The Stan Lee cameo is as much a staple of Marvel movies as the post-credits scene. So what’s Marvel got in store for its founding father in the upcoming film Iron Man 3

According to Latino Review Lee will play the host of a beauty pageant but the site didn’t offer any further details about the size of Lee’s role, or any indication of how, exactly, Tony Stark and company end up at a beauty pageant in the first place.

All due respect to the all-father of comics, but I feel the Stan Lee cameos take you outside the film momentarily and have worn out their welcome. Does anyone agree with me, or am I just being a cynical ass? The guy MADE Marvel pop. It’s absolutely necessary for him to have a thumb print on all these films. Is that right?

Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.


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