You know, I don’t talk about the The Amory Wars comic series on here as nearly as much as I should. It’s one of my favorite titles. TAW is the brain child of Coheed and Cambria front man Claudio Sanchez. Each album the band releases corresponds to a series of comics. So not only do you get the comic, it’s got it’s own fucking soundtrack. That’s not to say that the comic makes no sense without the music. This little guy holds its own against the big boys- no problem. (Suck it, Superman).

So… comics, soundtracks. What’s next? A movie of course!

Evil Ink Comics have announced today that a big screen adaptation of their science fiction saga The Amory Wars  is in the works. Published by Boom! Studios, the film will be produced by Stephen Levinson‘s Leverage and Mark Wahlberg.

It’s extremely difficult to try and describe the things that take place inside this world that Sanchez has so skillfully created. On the surface it’s the story of a man and the lengths he would go to save his family and his world. Beneath the surface the shit hits the fan. The Story centers around the Killgannon ( Zelda reference? I like to think so) family, Coheed and Cambria husband and wife, mother and father to Claudio, Josephine, Mathew and Maria. As well as  Coheed’s brother Jesse. Those in charge of Heaven’s Fence (the mythological universe in which they reside) have convinced Coheed that everything he knows about his life is not true, the memories he has are implanted and that he and his wife in fact are I-Robots. At some point he was implanted with a virus known as Monstar and he has unknowingly passed it to his children in a much more violent form called the Sinstar which will reek havoc on Heaven’s Fence and there is no cure. Coheed is left with two options kill your children or we will do it for you.

Sufficed to say, it’s a complicated story. I really dunno how well this would translate to a standalone movie. It’s too involved. I’d see working better as a television series. Of course, I say that about every comic series. Oh, and Walkberg? *Facepalm*

Regardless, woohoo for Coheed and Cambria  fans.

Source: Evil Ink Comics

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