Now that Micheal Bay‘s Ninja Turtles is dead (yes, I know it’s just ‘on hold’ but let me have this, ok?) it’s safe to say the beloved heroes in a half shell are safe. Well, sorta.

A property that has seen many iterations and variations over its near 30 year history is about to get a whole new one. At this years San Diego Comic Con Nickelodeon displayed some footage from their forth coming CGI cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It looks… interesting.

Check out the clip after the jump.

With chunky stylized animation and zany/wacky antics, it seems a cross between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the recent Teen Titans cartoon. Gone is the fragile and wise Splinter, he’s now roughly the same size as the Turtles and quite capable of kicking ass on his own. April O’Neil has been de-aged to sweet 16. Donatello’s Bo-staff has been replaced with a naginata  (think staff with a sword at the end). Also gone is the catch phrase/battle cry “cowabunga”, replaced with “booyakasha”



Oh, and the new theme is a lot like the original, just a little more… uh… this:

I’ll say this, it does look fun and energetic. I really don’t mind a lot of the changes to be totally honest. Hell after 3 listens, the new theme song even grew on me a little.

it’s just…



Sources: Topless Robot, io9 and fading memories of my childhood.

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