SDCC12: Check Out the New ‘Iron Man’ Suit

This year’s big Comic-Con trend? Messing with the classics. That’s right, Marvel — whose comic book “division” is readying a major lineup, numbering, and costume shakeup — is also looking to “re-imagine” the Iron Man Iron-Suit, taking a bit of the red out, and with it some of it’s classic appeal.

Take a look at this shot (above)  that was taken by and then go to their site to for a full gallery view.

It’s obvious at this point that this new armor is a result of the Extremis formula; which is a bio-electronics package, fitted into a few billion graphite nanotubes and suspended in a carrier fluid (thanks wikipedia). Still, did they really need to turn Iron Man in Mustard Man, with a side order of ketchup.?

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