Every time Comic Con rolls around, my wallet cries. Oh my lord, the must-have exclusives and preview of new and exciting products just tugs at my nerd strings. This years Comic Con is no different. If I was there -and thank Jeebus I’m not- I’d be like a kid in, well, a toy store. I’d be running up and down the aisle pointing and screaming “I want that, that and that!” I’d be out of house and home.  Actually, I’m still probably gonna be out of house and home. One word. Ebay. The mark ups man, I tell you!

So… what’s hot this year?  Well, I’m not sure where to begin. It’s such a toy nerds paradise.   The biggest suppliers in toys and collectibles, like Mattel  and Hasbro, have truly out done themselves. Mezco, NECA, AFA and others have also blown my eyes wide open. The latter group, however, I don’t have pictures of. Yet. I’ll be compiling those for another post. Today’s view into toy nerdom is dedicated to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe  and DC lines. We’ll also be taking a look at Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Stars Wars lines. And literally, we’re just taking a look. No deets. I’m far too tired to write a little something, something for each line. Pictures are all you get. I will say, though, I’m a huge He-Man fan. I’m ecstatic to see Ram-Man finally make it to the “Classics” line. Oh and that huge Granamyr (pictured above) is freaking sweet! Gotta love a big dragon with a helmet. Lastly, and I swear this is the last you’ll hear from me, the Marvel Legends line continues to rock my socks off. I must have that X-Force Deadpool.

After the jump, you’ll find 38 misc. pictures, from lines, this Nerd Bastard approves of. For more information, please check our sources. We ripped these images (sorry, we were too busy to take our own pics) from ToyNewsi and ActionFigurePics. All praise to these toys sites, for they are loving, kind and care far more about toys than we do.

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