Live from Hall H, our Dev Richards will be live blogging all of San Diego Comic-Con’s biggest panels including Django Unchained, Man of Steel, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, and Iron Man 3. Below is the blow by blow of what is going on at the Iron Man 3 panel.

Panel begins with a retrospective of some of the past Marvel Comic-Con highlights. They are working hard to convey a sense of appreciation to the fans for the success of The Avengers.

They’re listing all of the Marvel movies presently in the works — Iron Man 3, Thor 2: The Dark World, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy (coming out August 1, 2014), and Ant Man! Edgar Wright is coming to the stage.

They are showing Ant Man test footage! It is unfinished but pretty damn cool. Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) will collaborate with Wright on the film.

Wright says that the character will look better on the screen than he does on the page. The test footage shows an Ant Man (no word on casting sadly) jumping from an AC vent, running down a hallway, jumping on top of the barrel of a gun, smacking into a guys face and then turning big and kicking his ass. Wright leaves the stage.

Tony Stark is in the building! Robert Downey Jr. enters from the back of Hall H while wearing an Iron Man glove and introduces Iron Man 3 footage.

The footage shows Stark suiting up with his new suit, piece by piece. He summons them to him. Then we see a montage of explosions and thrilling heroics. The clip closes with the Stark complex blowing up and a slow shot of Sir Ben Kingsley (Mandarin).

Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau have come to the stage.

Kevin Feige says that Iron Man 3 will be more Stark-centric than Iron Man 2.

Downey says that he “thinks every movie he does will be one of the top 3 grossing films of all time.” Is that arrogant or him being funny?

Questions begin: Will Pepper Potts use the rescue suit? Downey says he doesn’t know what that is — Favreau says that he’ll give him the issue. Pretty sure Downey is joking again.

Downey is asked how he brings the role to life and he says that the biggest part was getting the role and that a big part of getting the role was his performance in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang which Shane Black (Iron Man 3 director) directed.

Black just burned Spider-Man 3! He said Iron Man 3 has all of these great characters tied together, as opposed to Spider-Man 3, where they were all separate.

Favreau says that he has really enjoyed being in front of the camera on this one. He says that he feels like a proud Grandfather who doesn’t have to change the diapers but still gets to play with the baby.

Downey is asked if he will do more Iron Man or play the role in other Marvel movies? He says that his contract is up but they’ll discuss what sort of Brinks truck it will take to do more. Then a man who is dressed as Iron Man asks a question, Downey says he looks hot and then the mans question is a bit in-audible.

Cheadle and Downey compare how long it takes to get into costume. Cheadle says 30 minutes, Downey says 3. Cheadle says “racism.”. Downey says ” yours has bigger guns than mine”. They keep riffing. When the guy dressed as Iron Man is at the mic, Cheadle asks how long it took him to get his costume on. The fan says four minutes and Cheadle storms off the stage.

A fan asks about whether or not Stark will turn to booze again. The answer is no, but Black says that there is a part of the movie where Stark literally falls off a wagon.

The panel is asked about the chances of Bruce Banner being in Iron Man, they skirt the question.

They show footage again, not in 3D sadly.

And so ends the Iron Man 3 panel and this truly epic day of live blogging. We’ve heard about some of the biggest movies that will grace screens over the next couple of years, I’ve been knocked out by some great footage, and I’ve also been kept from cigarettes and an electrical outlet — so, goodnight!

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