Live from Hall H, our Dev Richards will be live blogging all of San Diego Comic-Con’s biggest panels including Django Unchained, Man of Steel, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, and Iron Man 3. Below is the blow by blow of what is going on at the Django panel.

The panel has begun, Jamie Foxx, Walton Goggins, Christoph Waltz, Don Johnson, Kerry Washington, and Quentin Tarantino. Waltz looks like a cross between The Dude and Charles Manson. Long hair, big beard.Tarantino says the idea was in his head for 13 years. He’s always wanted to do a western ( he loves spaghetti westerns). But the initial idea seed was about a slave becoming a bounty hunter who goes after slave overseers. The idea changed over time.

Jamie fox in regards to whether the film will be controversial: we’re all big boys an big girls now. I think we’re ready for this. Especially with the talent Quentin Tarantino brings.

How did he get into the head space of the character? Foxx said it was a journey and that Tarantino pulled him to the side and said “I’m worried you can’t get to that slave.” he told him to throw away any ego and strip himself down. first intro to the Django character is him on a chain gang. As one of many slaves. He’s not a hero yet. It takes a lot of growth for Django to become a hero.

Foxx attributes his racially charged childhood in Texas as preparing him for the character.

He says “when a project becomes magical, it parallels your life.”

Now they’re talking to Waltz who plays the bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz.

Waltz says his character doesn’t “rescue Django” he “needs Django”. Its a “unique and fabulous relationship”.

Quentin Tarantino wanted to be realistic. He wanted to show a western that dealing with slavery and the antebellum south. Unlike so many other westerns. He says Waltz’ character is a lot like the gunslinger who takes a youngster under his wing, which is a major tenet of all westerns.Waltz says he has no experience with the slavery issue because he grew up in Austria. So for him, there was a different sort of research.

Why did he make Waltz’s character a dentist? Because he could hide in plain sight, assimilate into towns as he passes through collecting bounties.

They just showed an 8 minute sizzle reel from the film, EPIC.

Walton Goggins says its all like a dream, being able to work with all of these amazing actors. Ever so humble.

Don Johnson answers all his questions in a smooth southern drawl — he says he prefers to be called “Big Daddy”

Johnson then said (jokingly) that he drew inspiration from Foghorn Leghorn. Then he busted out a fantastic impression.

Kerry Washington learned German for the film. Waltz coaches her. She sang a classic German lullabye, and when she sang it to him, it made him cry.

She said she was terrified of riding horses for the film. Studied German and horseback riding every day.

Quentin Tarantino says that they still have a week left to shoot. Jonah Hill just shot his scenes last week.

Hill plays a “regulator” which is a precursor to the KKK organization.

Tarantino says that his scenes are as funny and awkward as the scene in Reservoir Dogs when they were handing out their color names.

Tarantino is wearing a shit that an artist sent him that depicts some of his iconic characters as children fighting in a sand box. It is pretty damn awesome.

He and Foxx are now singing the theme from Shaft.

The fan questions have begun.

Fan in a full yellow, Beatrix costume asks about Tarantino’s strong female characters. He says in the history of film there have been a lot of female heroes, but not necessarily in American cinema. “I just dig strong chicks” he says.

Kerry Washington describes her character’s strength as coming from a belief in love, in an era when black citizens weren’t even allowed to form loving relationships.

Tarantino gave Washington The Flame of New Orleans staring Marlene Dietrich for research. He sent Johnson a box of films — spaghetti westerns and Sergio Leone works mostly.

Washington gushes about Tarantino’s knowledge of film: “You think you know how much Quentin Tarantino knows about film, but you don’t. He knows more than we even knew about our own work.”

Moderator tries to end panel, Tarantino says nay, he want’s another question. Fan asks about Kill Bill 3, Tarantino says he is not even thinking about his next project.

So ends the Django panel. Be sure to stay with NerdBastards all day for all of your SDCC needs, and remember, we’ll be live blogging The Hobbit, Man of Steel, and Pacific Rim at approximately 2:30PM PT.





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