Known for his work in creating Dead Like Me and co-creating the comedic drama Wonderfalls, Bryan Fuller has a distinct cult following. The reason being that most of his shows ended up getting cancelled after the second season, including the Emmy award winning Pushing Daisies.

The man couldn’t catch a break, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on The Munster’s update Mockingbird Lane. And at this past weekend’s Comic-Con, Fuller was in full promotion mode, working the room with everything he could to promote his latest pet project. Cult fans of NBC‘sPushing Daisies eventually asked about the long expired series and you know what? Fuller is bringing it back… but with a catch.

According to Fuller:

“There is another Pushing Daisies project that is not a comic and that is not a miniseries that we’re working on.”

So not a mini-series, a comic or another season on television. It’s not as cryptic as the meaning of life being 42, but it still scratches your head.

That sucks, but maybe this means a feature film could be in the works or maybe even a video game similar to what’s been done for Walking Dead or Back to the Future. Hey, it’s a stretch but it’s the best we could come up with in a short notice, in between bouts of “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”.

So, do you have any ideas as to what Fuller has in store for his seemingly reborn show, or will it just end up “pushing daisies” in the long run once again?

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