Rumormill Debunked: No Third ‘Hobbit’ Film!

As is typical when tens-of-thousands of rabid geeks get together in one spot, they start voicing their opinions on things.  Sometimes these opinions mix together with half-facts and create strange rumors.  These rumors then proceed to spread amongst the geek-rumormill until they magically (yes, magic is real!) become fact.  The latest rumor to permeate the scene, via San Diego Comic-Con, is that Peter Jackson is planning to extend his two Hobbit films into three.

Why a third film?  Well, as the grapevine tells it, he had so much footage that it just made sense to extend the production into a trilogy.  Of course, those who know the industry also know that this is highly unlikely unless Jackson and his producers had a spare $100 million sitting around that they didn’t need.

So here you have it folks.  The rumors that there will be a third Hobbit film are just that – rumors.  All that footage will most likely end up being attached to the Blu-ray release of the film when it comes out, but there will be two – I repeat – two Hobbit films, not three.

The first of these TWO films, An Unexpected Journey, will release on December 14th of this year.  The second on the TWO films, There and Back Again, will be hitting theaters next year on December 13th.  Don’t expect anything for 2014.  You will be disappointed.


Thanks to blastr for helping us dispel the rumor

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