It’s news that hits everyone differently – that of the potentially dreaded reboot.  This time around it happens to be an old television series by the name of The Munsters.  If you haven’t ever seen The Munsters (shame on you!), the story revolves around a rather ‘unconventional’ family of movie-monster stereotypes trying to live out their lives as normal folks.  The new series, titled Mockingbird Lane, is being put together by the dream-team of Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer and will bring a darker and more serious edge to the old campy classic.

Fuller had a panel this year at San Diego Comic-Con and took the opportunity to tease his audience with four minutes of footage from Mockingbird Lane.  The first bit ran through young Eddie Munster having a werewolf attack in the middle of his cub scout group.  It then proceeded into a collage of bits-and-pieces, mostly concerning black sheep of the family, Marilyn Munster and the lovable mad genius, Grandpa Munster.

After making sure everyone’s undies were properly watered, Fuller went on to talk a bit about his own love of the original series and how he wanted to bring it back, but in a way that takes the unique family dynamics of the show in a whole new direction.  The new show will offer up a more adult-oriented experience as opposed to the family-friendly style of the original, as well as presenting more character development.  Fuller also promises to keep much of the classic goofy Munster fun that fans of the original have come to expect.

Personally, I am super-jazzed about this new show.  I used to spam The Munsters every Saturday afternoon when I was a kid and am eager to see what Bryan and Bryan have to offer.  I am confident that I and other loyal Munsters fans will not be disappointed.

Anyone else looking forward to Mockingbird Lane, or am I the only one out there old enough to remember the Munsters with happy feelings?


Thanks to bleedingcool for the info.

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