Gary Ross in Talks for ‘Peter Pan’ Prequel

Gary Ross, of Hunger Games fame, may be gearing up to take a shot at Disney’s Peter Pan character in a prequel to the classic adventure known as Peter and the Starcatchers.  Disney has been working on the project for the last year and it looks like they have targeted the now-all-powerful Ross to take the lead on it.

Originally a novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pierson, Peter and the Starcatchers has already become popular enough to generate its own Broadway production that has gathered an amazing five Tony awards.  And while film is certainly not Broadway, the potential for Disney to milk Peter Pan for some serious cash while providing audiences with more adventures from the famous characters is too good to pass up.

If you, like me, are somewhat unfamiliar with Peter and the Starcatchers, here is a brief description of the story:

A young Peter who befriends Molly, a shipmate he meets on the Never Land ship headed towards King Zarboff. Molly tells Peter of a mysterious trunk filled with magical starstuff that must remain out of the hands of the pirate Black Stache (who will lose his hand and become Captain Hook). Together Peter and Molly lead an effort to recover the trunk, which takes them on a treacherous journey.

If the movie does get made, it is just the start of a series of books, with three more already on the shelves and waiting to be converted to film format.  That could mean nice, juicy franchise potential for Disney and another big-money production for Ross.


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