Apparently, during the recent shooting of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway impressed the director so much with her portrayal of Catwoman that he voiced his opinion that the character should get her own solo spin-off flick.  And though he had these worlds of praise to speak of Hathaway and her performance:

Anne is incredibly precise and articulate about the psychology of the character. She’s really built it from the ground up, it’s just a delight to watch her perform.  The things she does in those heels is not to be taken lightly.  She’s an incredible character and we’re very excited to see her and hopefully we’ll leave people wanting more.

He also had these words to say about whether he would want to be involved in such a project:

For me, Gotham and these characters, I’m done. I’ve told our story and I’m moving on.

He went on to clarify that he’d love to see Hathaway in the role again, but with another director at the helm.

So what do you think, folks?  Is a Catwoman movie worth making and worth watching (especially in light of the nightmare that was the 2004 version)?

I guess I should wait til people have seen her performance in The Dark Knight Rises (which opens in just a few days!) and put in their own judgments on Hathaway’s incarnation of the sexy lady in black.


Thanks to blastr for the info.

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