At Comic Con, I again had the opportunity to sit down with Moriarty writer, Daniel Corey for a quick catchup on his current projects. Moriarty is not only one of the best books I’ve read in the last few years, it gives you a lot to sink your teeth into. Highly, highly recommended.

You have two volumes of Moriarty out now, how is work progressing on volume three?

Daniel Corey: We’re just on a little break right now. I actually have it mostly written. It’s just a matter of catching up on production and such.

Since the last time we talked, you’ve announced that the first volume of Moriarty: The Dark Chamber, is going to become a musical.

Corey: Yes!

How did that come about?

Corey: It’s funny, because I had thought about that before. I was like, “Ah, this would make a good musical.” Never seriously thought about it. I was talking to the guys at SciFi Pulse and they told me, “Hey, we think this would make a great stage play. We love this opening monologue, it’d be great on stage.”I was seeing it in my mind. And a friend of mine, [composer] Ray Schnurr came up to me and said, “Hey, we should think about doing this as a musical.” It suddenly became a serious reality. Once he said that, it was like let’s go do it!

The stars just aligned?

Corey: The stars aligned. Kismet, I think! It came together. We’re in progress on that. We have a script, Ray is working on music this week as we talk here at Comic Con. Next week we’re going to sit down and really start working hardcore on the lyrics. As we paced through the script, we’d talk about, “Let’s have a song about this,” and a few ideas here and there but we’re really going to start working on the meat and potatoes lyric writing next week.


With some musicals the story just goes a long for awhile, they stop, they sing a song for no apparent reason, and the story continues on. Are you thinking your songs are going to progress things?

Corey: Yeah, absolutely! That’s the thing we keep saying to each other as we pace through the story, as we talk about the script. We want the songs to matter and to progress the story. Watching a musical, I do not like it when everything grinds to a halt and you have to hear a song that has nothing to do with anything. I’ve certainly seen it in movies and on stage and I don’t like it. Somebody just smack me lightly on the wrist if you see us doing that.

I will hold you to that!

Corey: Alright! (laughs)

You have the comic, you have the musical, anything else in the pipeline?

Corey: I have some projects in development that I’m not ready to announce yet, they aren’t far enough along. Definitely looking to get another comic project up. Some folks are speculating here and there that because of the stage play, it means it’s distracting us from the comic. That is definitely not the case, that’s just an additional project. We’re still working on comics. I’ll keep doing them.

You’re just waiting to bank a few issues before putting them out?

Corey: Exactly. It’s just like you said, with the musical the stars had to align. The stars have to align on the next project, on the third arc of Moriarty too. It’s just the way these things go. Comics are very hard to produce. It’s like producing a movie. You’ve got fifty guys putting together a movie. You only have two guys putting together a comic. It’s about the same amount of work for both. But we will prevail!

The first two volumes of Moriarty are out from Image Comics right now.

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