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ABOVE: Nerd confession time, like most red blooded American males I have always found the Playboy Mansion to be a mythical place of wonder and amazement. That doubled this morning when I saw Playboy Bunnies dressed up as The Avengers. The Black Widow one is a bit of a stretch though… [Bleeding Cool]

Remember a few years back when 3D sidewalk chalk art was a thing? Apparently it still is with this Dark Knight Rises street art. [thedarkknightrises]

Alright, as much as The Phantom Menace counts as a blight on the soul of nerds I think can all agree that something good did come out of it. That is Anakin’s Pod Racer baby stroller, spotted in San Diego being pushed by a rather casual looking Tuskin Raider [ObviousWinner]

Ever wondered who would win between the comic version of Catwoman and the one from Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns? The answer is all of us, btw. [FashionablyGeek]

We have all faced them in one form or another, The Six Super Villains of Pop Culture (the other 3 are found over at College Humor and at all Comic conventions, and comic stores… parents basements… you know.)

Well, well, well, Looks like the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) has traded in his sonic screw driver for a Mass Effect Omni-Tool. Unconfirmed reports (that I just made up) have also spotted the tenth Doctor Who cruising around town in a Delorean [NerdApproved]

As the release date nears, we all know we will see them on the internet. Here are some handy and helpful tips for coping with negative Dark Knight Rises reviews. [CinemaBlend]

Apparently there has been a few official and many less than so Dark Knights out there, as seen in this “I am Batman” supercut [GorillaMaskNet]

Nothing like a little incest dwarf to spice up the bedroom.  Here is the Sex Game of Thrones… oh this will end well.  [Dorkly]

To wrap up, how about we take an honest look at The Dark Knight trailer, just for old times sake. [ScreenJunkies]

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