Lots of interesting things happen during the San Diego Comic-Con. Lots of things.

One of them happens to be a juicy little bit of spoilery information about Superman: Man of Steel.  According to some dude at a party who heard things from another dude and so on and so forth, there will be some more action in this next flick than there was in Superman Returns.

From Bleeding Cool:

No one doubted that Zack Snyder would reverse that. But I have been told details of one specific scene in particular, in which Superman breaks apart a building and uses the building itself as a weapon in some kind of ‘super martial art’ fashion. “Girders as throwing stars” was the specific example I was given.

Apparently this is pretty credible information.  Regardless, I think it’s awesome that this opens up the possibility of getting film dudes or dudettes drunk as hell and getting valuable information from them.  Eh, eh?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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