At Comic-Con, somewhere between the madness of the exhibit hall and the over-crowded Hall H, there’s a panel called Starship Smackdown. It’s a logical discussion by notable nerds about what spaceship can be considered the best of them all. This year it came down to the grandaddy of spaceships, the Enterprise from Star Trek. And not just one Enterprise, but the final debate was between the Enterprise NCC 1701 and the NCC 1701-A from The Motion Picture.

Tough call, wouldn’t you say? Thankfully, world famous astrophysicist and all around awesome dude, Neil deGrasse Tyson was in the audience and he provided a perspective not considered by those on the panel,

Boom! Put that in your nacelle and smoke it!

Which Enterprise, or how about spaceship, do you think should be considered the greatest?

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