The Dark Knight Rises has performed extremely well in its midnight opening, earning $27 million over 3,000 locations. I don’t think anyone’s surprised, TDKR is going to be the biggest film of the summer, if not the year. It’s already exceeded The Avengers‘ midnight earning of $18 million and we can only assume the total will continues to rise as the weekend progresses. Though, it will be interesting to watch for any effect the terrible tragedy in Aurora could have on the film’s weekend box office.

It also should be noted TDKR‘s midnight gross is lower than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which earned 43.5 million, and that film then went on to beat The Dark Knight‘s opening weekend total. Will Batman be able to beat out The Boy Who Lived? Only if you help and make it out to catch TDKR this weekend. Maybe see it in IMAX, too, help pad those numbers.

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