In those moments after the panic but within the pain we search for answers. Suddenly we think more guns would have been the solution, or we imagine that security guards within every theater would have thwarted a true life villain that was hell-bent on human destruction.

There is no solace or remedy because that which has been done cannot be undone but these thoughts sometimes help. Someone has pierced our world with their actions and momentarily robbed us of our innocence. It has happened before, it will happen again, and as we sit red eyed and stunned, watching over and over again, as the same horrific headlines flash across the screen, we need to not forget about dreams, fantasies, and escapism.

Yes we need time to grieve but we should also, perhaps, have hope for a calmer day and a rescue from the horror show — that hope is something of value and that rescue is something worth seeking.

I’ve seen a few people say today that they’re going to stay clear of theaters for a little while, that they’re going to avoid them when they are at their busiest. I don’t blame them and if that gives them comfort, if that gives them a sense of security, then I urge them to follow through on that, but I went to see The Dark Knight Rises this morning and I’ll go see another movie tonight or tomorrow. I do this because it is what I need to get through this heartbreaking moment and no one is going to take that from me.

Life is terrifying at times and it is also rapid and painful — sometimes we need a time out, and that’s what movies are. They’re magical not just because of what they can take us away from but for where they can take us away too. Right now I think we need to mix in a little fantasy with the hard truth of this moment.

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