Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Junicorn

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Are you burned out from all the Hollywood stars and big-budget movie trailers from this past week’s Comic-con? Us neither. (Psyche!) So we’ll carry on and give you that weekend jolt you need every single Friday with our regularly scheduled Sexy Cosplay of the Week. This week we bring you the styling of America’s own Junicorn.

From the land of CSI spin-offs and cheesy Will Smith songs -that’s Miami, Florida – Junicorn has been busy knocking people out with her risque and charming cosplay designs. Junicorn has since travelled to the other side of the Pacific Rim, and now calls Japan home, the proverbial Mecca of the cosplay scene where thousands dress up everyday just because they can.

In between teaching young Asian school girls and boys the English language, Junicorn rocks the Japanese cosplay scene, where you actually need a business card as well as a costume. From the shapely and deadly wrestler Benikage of Rumble Roses and Soul Eater‘s Mizune, to cute and cuddly pieces like Aries from Fairy Tale, Junicorn is as unique as her range is large.

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