Those that have taken time out to go see The Dark Knight Rises have no doubt already seen the teaser trailer for Man of Steel (unless you were late or happened to be getting popcorn/taking a whizz).  Now, a bootleg trailer, courtesy of someone’s smuggled hand-cam, is circulating across the magic of the Internets.

This extended version of the teaser offers a few more bits and pieces of the upcoming Superman reboot and makes it look even more somber.  Best to check it out soon, before someone important figures out what’s going on and pulls it.

So without further ado, the extended Man of Steel trailer:

Personally, the more I see of this film, the more I actually want to see it.  And I freakin’ hate Superman.  Maybe they’re offering up something that will be on par with Dark Knight?  Opinions?  Questions?  Insightful reflections anyone?

Disclaimer: If you can’t view the above video, you are too late!  Suck it up.


Thanks to blaster for helping us spread the news.

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