With Batman wrapped up, Superman set for next summer, and Green Arrow coming to TV in the fall you might be wondering what other super heroes DC and Warner Bros. want to get in motion. Well, we haven’t heard much about it since its announcement, but work is progressing on that Booster Gold television series for Syfy,

At this year’s Comic-Con writer Andrew Kreisberg gave an update to KSiteTV letting everyone know where he is in getting Booster and Skeets to primetime,

Yes! I’m actually turning that [script] in next month. It was very cool; I got to meet Dan Jurgens last night, who created the character and the comic book, who I had never met before. So I spent a lot of time explaining to him what a fan I was, so he didn’t think I was some random gun for hire who was going to ruin his baby.

It isn’t clear, but hopefully he got Jurgens’ blessing. And if Syfy is only receiving the script next month I’m guess we’ve still got a while before the show gets into production. Maybe we’ll see a pilot in another year or so?

Do you think Booster is a smart choice for DC’s next foray into television? Think he can garner the same kind of appeal he has in comics or will the loveable, arrogant super hero not transition well to the small screen?

Source: MTV’s Splash Page

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