In the days after the horrific massacre in Aurora, Colorado many are still looking for answers, comfort, or any way to help the healing begin. I believe everyone who’s a fan of movies has felt a connection to those victims in Aurora and our hearts have been hurting ever since we learned the terrible news. The Dark Knight Rises will likely be forever linked to this heinous crime, but I like to hope the community of Aurora and fans worldwide will eventually rise above it.

But here’s something that can bring a little joy during these tough times, AP is reporting Christian Bale is currently in Aurora visiting victims of the shooting. The story first came from The Denver Post who learned of the actor’s unexpected visit through Facebook when Carey Rottman, one of the 58 people injured, posted photos of himself and Bale.

Seeking further confirmation the press spoke to Susan Fleishman, executive vice president for Warner Bros. corporate communications, who said that Bale is in town representing himself and not Warner Bros.

There had been a internet campaign calling for the actor to make such visits, but I like to think this was something he felt was necessary to do on his own. Well done, Mr. Bale.

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