People seem split on the question of whether recurring Doctor Who character River Song (Alex Kingston) is one of the best of the bunch or in the running for the ‘most annoying character ever’ award.  But regardless of how you (or I) feel about it, she will be making a return for season 7, albeit briefly.

In a recent interview with MTV Geek, the show’s producer Steven Moffat talked a bit about Song and her upcoming appearance.  She will be returning for the fifth episode, the one in which the infamous Weeping Angels reappear and Rory and Amy make their exit.  Moffat also stated that she will have no more continuing presence in the show, at least for this season.  He explained that her rather large part in last season was enough for now and that the show needed to move in other directions.

But fear not Doctor Who lovers, with so much of Song’s story left unsung (badda-bing!), fans of the character will no doubt see her coming back time and time again.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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  • CG

    Oh God enough of River Song! I’m also sick of River devotees who insists she and the Doctor are married. Hello? Did anyone miss the tiny little detail River said to Amy? “It was in an aborted timeline. In a world that never was.” And it was robot she “married” !

  • SaraHolmes

    YES! I am glad River will appear again..even if we have to wait forever. It adds to the excitement…in a way. their is so much I still want to know about her and so much I want to see of her. she’s brilliant no doubt about that!

  • Renee Lee

    I love River Song… wish they didnt put so much emphasis on her story line but spread her out to appear with other doctors

  • Kelly

    I LOVE River Song! Alex Kingston can be in every episode and I would be happy forever.