While Iron Man 3 is still a fair ways away (set to hit theaters May 13th, 2013,) after two months of production the news is already starting to flow nicely. ScreenRant squeezed out a few answers from Tony Stark himself, master thespian Robert Downey Jr. 

When asked if the movie would explore the characters ‘inner demons‘ (an offhand reference to the Demon in a Bottle story line) :

“We did a little of that in Iron Man 2,” Downey said. “But if you think about someone who saw the sky open up and a wormhole and fought off an alien species – suffice to say that he’s a little rattled.”

Addressing rumors that he would be doing a stunt in the movie that will rival Tom Cruise‘s infamous Burj Khalifa climb in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol:

“Well I don’t know. I just said while I’m physically able I’d like to leave it all on the field and I’d like there to be ten moments where people wonder how I was stupid enough to actually do that stunt. Most of all me.”

And finally, how did he feel about the success of this summers blockbuster superhero flick, Avengers:

Well here’s my problem: every time one of my movies comes out I think it’s going to be the number 3 or the biggest thing of all time and so it’s really weird. I cried wolf and one actually showed up this time.”

I guess they didn’t have enough time to ask Downey about the new Iron Man armor and why Stark is suddenly into pastels.


Source: Screen Rant

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